We work with a locally-run optical laboratory here in Sydney and they source lenses from world-class suppliers. All lenses come with coatings as standard - optical and photochromic come with multicoat and sunnies with hardcoat. These protect against scratches and reflections.

We always recommend what we believe to be the best option for you, and we will provide the choice of other reasonable options. Sometimes not all options will be available - that's because we don't believe they will result in a good outcome for you.


We use and recommend standard lenses for prescriptions up to +/-2 sphere and available for +/-4. Standard lenses offer the best optical performance and price.

If you have a strong prescription, we'll suggest you take a look at thin or ultra-thin options.


These lenses have a material index of 1.56 or 1.59 and are made from polycarbonate. We recommend for prescriptions between +/-4 and +/-2 sphere. For optical lenses we offer this upgrade for free, but for polarised sunnies and photochromics there is an extra charge.


These lenses are recommended for strong prescriptions (+/-4 sphere). There's rather a lot of technologically advanced wizardry going on here, so we charge a bit extra for ultra thin lenses.

High cylinder

If your prescription has a higher cylinder (stronger than 2) then your lenses may need to be specially processed. For optical and most photochromics we charge an extra $40 per pair to cover this extra cost.


It's really important to have a good pair of sunnies and keep your eyes safe. Plus, Australia is the land of sunshine – so you're going to need a few pairs of these!

We offer prescription and plano (no prescription required) sunnies with full UV protection.

You'll probably be taking these to the beach so, as standard, all our sunnies have a special anti-scratch and anti-glare coating.

We offer various colours and gradual tints and match them accordingly to the frames. If you want any advice on this before you order, just let us know.

Fancy some polarisation? Sure. We can add this on at an additional cost of $50 per sunnies.

Fancy some mirrored lenses? We can add 7 different mirrored lens colours to any sunnies for an additional $50. Check out some of our best sellers here.


These minimise the chances of you looking like that annoying dude who forgot to take their glasses off when they came indoors.

Photochromic lenses adjust accordingly the light conditions around you: automatically darkening and offering full UV protection when you are outside, and returning to clear when you are indoors. Inbuilt sunnies, 'two for the price of one', whatever you'd like to call them!

Our photochromic glasses are available with standard, thin or ultra-thin lenses.

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