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Meet Clens

Meet Clens – the new lens replacement service for frames from ANY brand.

That’s right – whether you rock Sneaking Duck, Prada, Oakley or even a pair of cheapos from the local servo you can now get new lenses put into them through Clens, at amazing prices, and all prescription lenses are health-fund claimable.

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2016 Christmas Order Cut-off Dates

Want to sneak in a new purchase of glasses for yourself or get a pair made up for friends or family in time for Chrissie?

Great News! We’re Express Shipping for free as we get closer to Christmas to make sure no-one misses out on Christmas joy because of slow delivery times.

That having been said – you still have your role to play….

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Style A Friend and WIN!

Got an eye for style? Have friends or family that need a little style help?

Style a Friend and go in the running to win a pair of Sneaking Duck glasses including frames from our limited edition and archived range!

We’re on the look-out for Australia’s Sneakiest Stylist to trial our new ‘Style a Friend’ feature. If you know your Aviators from your Wayfarers and can spot a heart-shaped face from a mile away, we want you!

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Introducing Sneaking Duck Blue Light Lenses

You may have heard the quackin’ awesome news that you can now order Blue Light lenses with all Sneaking Duck frames. But what is blue light and why do I need protection from it?

Blue Light and Your Eyesight

First of all – don’t freak out! Blue light is a totally natural thing and we get most of our exposure to it from our Sun. It comes with a heap of health benefits like boosting our alertness and improving memory and cognitive function (so like coffee, right?).

But like most things in life, too much blue light exposure can be bad for you. Even though your iPhone and TV emit tiny amounts of blue light compared to the Sun, using these electronic devices too often and too close to your face can damage the light sensitive cells in your retina. Excessive screen time (about 2+ hours) has also be linked to dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, back pain and, in the long term, permanent vision loss (yikes!). Plus, those all-nighter Netflix marathons you’ve been having? Yeah, they can seriously mess with your circadian rhythms and lead to a whole lotta sleepless nights.

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Introducing Sneaking Duck Multifocal and Progressive Lenses

Great News!

Sneaking Duck now offers Multifocal lenses on all frames!

Keep reading for more info on how to order, lens info and pricing.


(hint: it’s exactly the same as ordering in the past with just one additional step – getting us a picture of you wearing the frames)

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Awards and Reviews #Winning

At Sneaking Duck we’re incredibly focussed on giving our Sneaky Duckers the best experience possible. That’s why we’re so chuffed when we win awards that highlight how awesome our customer service is!



  • Online Retail Industry Award Winner – Best Customer Experience
  • Online Retail Industry Award Winner – Most Innovative Online Retailer
  • BRW Australian Retailer of the Year Award Winner – Innovation in Retail
  • ClearMark award for use of Plain English in our terms and conditions


Awards are nice, but nothing beats reviews from our customers! After all – they’re the ones that matter most to us.

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Sleeveless summer frames: join the army

Things are warming up nicely temperature-wise, and that means pulling out the big guns.

Have you got your armies ready for summer? If so, you’ve probably already gone sleeveless. That’s step one. Step two is accessorise, accessorise, accessories (Sneaking Duck to the rescue!). Continue reading “Sleeveless summer frames: join the army”

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Racy frames and sunglasses for Spring Carnival

Have you sprung from our last post on 3 of the best spring pastel frames? Well, if you’re looking for more seasonal inspiration, the next furlong is Spring Carnival.

Before you go ahead and invite the mad hatter to the party, give some thought to making the millinery work with your eyewear. Even if you don’t wear glasses, the Aussie weather usually pulls it’s sunny finger out which means a good pair of shades is in order. Continue reading “Racy frames and sunglasses for Spring Carnival”

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The best frames for the bedhead look

We’re debating whether it’s better than Christmas; it should certainly be a recognised public (right-of) holiday but International Stay in Bed Day is here!

To really get myself in the bedhead-space, I’m writing this blog post from my bed: It’s called ‘method writing’. Pictured to prove it – dem’s my toes! Continue reading “The best frames for the bedhead look”

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3 of the best: Spring pastel frames


First day of spring! That’s the 1st September for those of you who are late taker-uppers of this blog post.

That means our complexions – mine’s a shade known as Scandinavian-crime-drama-overdose grey at the moment – are in desperate need of a refresh. Continue reading “3 of the best: Spring pastel frames”

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Trip the light fantastic in our vivid frames

Lights, Sneaking Duck frames, ACTION!

Vivid 2014 kicks off this week (Thursday 23 May-9 June) in Sydney to brighten up those dark and wintry nights

If you don’t want to live in this light festival’s shadow, we’ve found a way for you to radiate. It’s our pick of our 5 most colourful, vivid frames! Continue reading “Trip the light fantastic in our vivid frames”