Meet Todd – #SneakyDuckers – Issue 12

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We love the people who wear our glasses. Most of all we love their stories. Here is one of them.

Meet Todd, an award-winning photographer from Brisbane who captures ‘I do’ moments for a living. A relative newbie to the glasses scene, he’s a fan of the wooden Birthday Suit.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for a living?

My name is Todd.. I live in Brisbane with my awesome wife Alyda & daughter Maggie – she’s almost 2..  I live an active life.. I’m a thinker – a student – always learning & my mind is always open..  I photograph people & things for a living – mostly weddings, but also some fashion, architecture, and corporate stuff.. It’s been my (and Alyda’s), full-time gig for the last 9 years..

  1. What creative projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a street photography personal project at the moment.. To be honest though, it’s slow going right now due to Maggie being pretty hands-on, but I’m chipping away at it.. Maggie’s super cute and very distracting..

  1. Coolest wedding/s you’ve ever worked on?

My favourite weddings are wide & varied because I like them for different reasons, but when I think about it –  a tiny backyard wedding that really hit me in the feels, crazy big budget mega party dancefloor weddings, a couple married by Darth Vader, a wedding pulled together in 2 weeks, weddings I can’t tell anyone about, the list goes on.. It’s a pretty amazing job really – so diverse, & I meet lots of awesome people.. I love it.

  1. Who or where do you go for inspiration?

I get inspiration from lots of sources – all outside of my own industry.. Cinema, architecture, art, pop culture, music (and music video clips), all affect/flavour my work I think..

  1. You’ve won a heap of photography awards – what’s the secret to your success (or can’t you tell us 😉 )?

I’ve never made photographs thinking “I’m making this so I can enter this award or that award”.. I’m on my own journey of artistic exploration & whatever I make comes straight from my heart fibres.. When submitting for awards, I look through my recent work & think “what am I most proud of, & what best represents the place I’m at in my journey.”  If the judges respond well, that’s great, & if they don’t understand it or appreciate it, that’s fine by me – I’m still proud of my work.. And while I don’t call myself a “fine art photographer” by any stretch, I’m still expressing myself visually & artistically, and an artist must always lead with the heart.. The brain is the support crew that serves the heart..

  1. What do you like most about Sneaking Duck?

I really like your originality in design, and your ‘Try at Home’ service.

  1. Favourite Sneaking Duck glasses?

I’m quite new to the “I need to wear Glasses” club.. I’m wearing the Birthday Suits & I love them..  I travel a bit for work & have received some sweet feedback from excellent random people, like “nice glasses!” and “are your glasses made of wood? Cool!” … Oh, and I also have a pair of Green Teas..

  1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I’m ok without great super powers – I’m not ready for the responsibility.. I really like Scott Pilgrim, although I’m not very good at fighting..

  1. Three things you can’t live without?

Music, my bicycle, the beach

To find out more about Todd Hunter McGaw Photography or to check out his work, see the links below:

Image credit: Alyda McGaw