Meet Julianna Koh-Blackwell – #SneakyDuckers – Issue 7

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 We love the people who wear our glasses. Most of all we love their stories. Here is one of them.

Julianna Koh-Blackwell – Photographer Extraordinaire

Julianna is an avid Sneaking Duck wearer and a photographer with a difference who tells stories about animals and the people around them through pictures. This time we thought we’d turn the tables and tell Julianna’s fascinating story. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for a living?

I tell stories about pets and their people in photographs. In other words, I’m a photographer, I make photographs for a living. I also take commercial commissions helping local designers tell their brand stories. On another side I do freelance jobs such as digital production, business analysis – I like to keep my mind active. I love books, coffee, chocolate, to explore, visit art galleries, and binge watching movies/ tv series (when I find time!)


2. What’s the most exciting project you’re working on at the moment?

I’m usually most excited by upcoming client work – and that includes the cats and pooches I have booked in right now. For personal work, I’m getting into film photography more and documenting #lifewithcats with my two black cats (rescued on the side of the road, abandoned at ~10 weeks old). 


3. When did your love for pets and photography start?

When I started documenting my knitting projects back when I had more time I kept a visual diary with a digital compact camera (Cybershot, discontinued). I also kept a blog on my two guinea pig’s daily adventures for nearly 7 years (you’d be surprised what guinea pigs get up to). Hence my social media name –  ‘twoguineapigs’. I was so emotionally connected with them that when they passed on 4 years ago due to old age (at 7.5!), I was so sad I took the blog down and stopped blogging completely. I then realised hidden underneath all that, I loved telling visual stories, especially about pets and their people, their relationships, their antics – giving them a voice. I’m now 4 years into my 365 project on Instagram – this year, I’m microblogging life with our cats, mostly mixed in with some musings & some of my photography work (#twoguineapigs365_2016). 


4. What does a day with Mr Big Cat and PF Cat look like?

They sort of help out with indoor gardening (not!), get in the way of shoots, stick their paws into bags and empty the contents. The most work they ever do is to demand food. They have a goldfish memory when it comes to when they last ate. And they sleep a lot – 18 to 20 hours. They keep an eye on me too, making sure I work hard on my projects! Occasionally they oblige a few snuggles and cuddles.

Image by © JK Blackwell, ‘@twoguineapigs’

5. Tell us about your favourite Sneaking Duck frames!

OH I have so many! I had 3 home trials sent because it was very hard to choose. I have broad Asian features but ones that fit me well (so I think) are the Historian frames. Some may think it’s ‘Auntie’ but I’m quite an aunty myself. Sneaking Duck, if you are discontinuing those frames, please can you let me know so I can stock up a lifetime of Historians?


6. How does Sneaking Duck fit into your lifestyle?

Being an introvert, I’m not one who loves attention – I prefer to stay on the side, watch, and observe – and interact on a personal level. I like that Sneaking Duck’s frames compliment my thoughtful side (as well as my features!) The design is great and simple, it’s modern and yet it isn’t muddled with a lot of bling or weird patterns. It’s the only brand I choose for the reading and seeing glasses I own so I rely on them very much for my vision – and for how people see me. 


7. What are three things you can’t live without?

My Historian glasses. My camera (and all the bits that I need to make a photograph). My iPhone with its Totoro casing.


8. What’s your trick to taking the perfect photo?

Nothing beats being able to feel with my heart when I make an image – and if others feel that too through my photographs – I think I’ve done my job – at least to me anyway.

A big thanks to Julianna for being part of our Sneaky Duckers series. If you’d like to see some more of her amazing work head over to her TwoGuineaPigs website or follow her as ‘twoguineapigs’ on Instagram and Facebook.



NB: Copyright in all the photos used above resides with Julianna. You can reproduce them in their original form (ie, not photoshopped, filtered, and with no added copyright notice, or watermark) provided you attribute any images with the following text next to the image (including on all social media and other publishing forms): Image by © JK Blackwell, ‘@twoguineapigs’ (with ‘’ to the appropriate link back: website; instagram; facebook) – links above.