The 5 Best Ways To Look After Your Glasses

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Your Sneaking Ducks do more than just enhance your
vision; they protect your eyes from UV rays, dust and raindrops and add a touch
of nerdish chic to every outfit. So it’s only fair that we offer a little love
in return, right?

The Sneaking Duck team do our best to protect your
glasses by making sure that every pair comes with coatings as a standard that
protect from scratches, glare and UV. These will prevent most day to day issues
but won’t make your eyewear invincible (sorry!).

Here are 5 ways you can go that extra distance to
look after your precious Duck (and any glasses for that matter!) 




Keep them ‘Sneaky’ Clean


Every Sneaking Duck comes with its own premium lens
cloth for keeping your specs as shiny as the day they arrived. Don’t use a napkin
or shirt to wipe them; not only are they less effective at protecting the
coating on your lenses, they’re also not as pretty to look at! We’d recommend
cleaning your frames on a regular basis, using a lens cleaning solution, gentle
dishwashing soap or warm water for best results. Be sure to handle them gently:
your Ducks may be sturdy but they do have a breaking point.




Store them in a Case (Just in Case)


A rule of thumb for Sneaking Duckers: If your
glasses aren’t on your face, put them in a case.


Say it again now (we made it rhyme so you’ll
remember it forever) – “If your glasses aren’t on your face, put them in a
case. “



We provide every pair of frames with its own,
custom built home to protect it from scratches or being crushed by an
unsuspecting foot. To the fans of wearing frames on top of their head: this
reckless practice risks stretching the shape of your frames and may cause your
Ducks to fall off! Instead, take a page out of Great Aunt Myrtle’s book and
wear your glasses on a lanyard to avoid misplacing them.




Maintain those Frames


Like your car, house and partner, your Sneaking
Ducks require regular maintenance. We suggest buying yourself a cute lil’
eyeglass screwdriver to tighten up any loose screws on your frames. Our team
also offers a 30 day return policy and 12 month warranty on every pair of
glasses and has a fully equipped Maintenance team so you can rest easy if your
specs run into any issues. That having been said – prevention is better than a
cure – so keep your glasses maintained regularly and you’ll never have to  suffer the pain of sending your beautiful
Ducks off to be fixed.




Wear your Pair with Care


Taking your glasses on and off is a two-handed job.
Use one hand and you risk stretching your frames, leading to looser glasses
over time. To put them one properly, use both hands to slip your glasses over
your ears before lowering them onto your nose. To take them off, raise the arms
first before pulling the glasses away from your face. Putting the arms in your
mouth is a big no-no; not only do they taste horrible but the acid in your
saliva will damage your frames and lenses.




Some like it hot (but not your Ducks)


You may love the summer sun, but intense heat can
cause ire to your eyewear and lead to your frames getting bent or warped. End
result?  Loosened lenses which may cause
them to fall out or, even worse for the fashionistas amongst you, make your
frames sit all wonky on your face! Even on an overcast day, the inside of a car
can reach dangerously high temperatures so avoid leaving your Ducks in there if
you value their lives!