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Christopher Welldon – Writer, Comedian and Actor

Meet Christopher Welldon, writer, comedian and actor (listed in order of how much work he actually gets in those three fields) who also writes and edit questions for Millionaire Hot Seat on the side! He just wrote and performed (to rave reviews) his very first comedy show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Read a little more about him and his story below:


Christopher Welldon





Tell us a bit about what you do for a living?

I’m a writer, comedian and actor (listed in order of how much work I actually get in those three fields). I write and edit questions for Millionaire Hot Seat; I occasionally write jokes for The Project (very occasionally, like only twice so far); I do musical theatre; and I just wrote and performed my very first comedy show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

How did you become a writer?

I fell ass-backwards into it. I was a receptionist at a radio station in Brisbane, and one of my admin tasks was to compile the fortnightly staff newsletter. Whenever a department didn’t have an update I would fill that space on the page with some nonsense I made up. Eventually this caught the attention of the program director of the station and after a looooooong audition process I ended up on air with a late night comedy show. This led to a nine year radio career in radio and although I’m no longer in the industry, I’ve been a writer in some form or another ever since.

What cool projects are you working on?

I have a blog,, in which I tell a story from every address I’ve ever lived at: there are sixty in total. (This is an actual number: my childhood was a hot mess.) This blog was the basis for the comedy show I just did at Melbourne Fringe, which I’ll be putting on again in Brisbane in early 2016. I’m hoping to further work on it throughout next year to be…well, anything really: a book or a movie or a tv mini series (starring Asher Keddie, obviously, that’s like the law): I’m flexible. Call me? I’m also currently in the cast of a production of The Addams Family musical. This involves wearing some skimpy, skin tight attire which still makes me squirm to think about.

Are you freelance/self-employed/running your own company? What’s your best advice for young creatives launching into their own careers?

I’m technically freelance, I think? I’m certainly not running my own company: I can barely manage a shopping list, let alone a business. (That’s not the best way to segue into giving advice, is it?) Young creatives: bite off more than you can chew, then chew the shit out of it. Do the things; all the things. As much as you can handle, and then a bit more. Oh, and if you’re a writer of any kind: join Twitter. There’s no better way to work out the creativity muscles than by throwing 140 character gems into an bottomless pit of content. That might sound facetious but I’m serious, I love Twitter so much (@chrisopotamia, you guys).

How does Sneaking Duck fit your lifestyle?

This might make me sound like a wanker (but then again this is the sixth question, so there’s a very good chance that ship has already sailed); but I use my different frames for different jobs/auditions. Depending on whether I want to look important or cool or smart or casual. I don’t know if they make that much of a difference—I mean, glasses can only do so much: still have my face and personality to contend with—but they at least make me feel more confident?

What do you do for fun (outside of writing/acting)?

I watch a lot of television (it’s been years and I’m still so mad Happy Endings was cancelled), I play video games and I try to convince my friends to do karaoke with me. I’m also extraordinarily partial to a board game; better still, a board game night that involves drinking.

When have you been the most creatively satisfied in your life? How did you feel and what did you do to harness that? 

September this year, when I debuted my very first comedy show, Christopher Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. It was the culmination of four years of work from the idea’s conception. In 2011 I decided I was going to tell a story from every address I’d ever had, and then try to make a comedy show out of it. Then I realised it would take so long to get from “story drafting” to “show performance”, and I needed more immediate gratification, so I decided to make it into a blog first. I launched the blog in 2014, it took 60 weeks to get all the stories out, and three weeks after the blog ended, my show debuted. The one-week season sold out and was then extended into a second week. I got a four star review in The Age, and I plan to take the show to a festival in Brisbane next year.

To get such an amazing payoff from something I’d been working on for so long—not to mention how deeply personal the whole thing is—was immensely rewarding, and a very real validation that my decision to quit my job last year and pursue creativity full time was the right one.

If you could speak to your younger self prior to finding yourself now, what would you say?

It’s going to get worse. Much worse. No no, worse than that. Yes, worse than that too. Shhh, stop trying to hypothesise how much worse, you can’t even grasp the concept right now. HOWEVER. One day you’ll find yourself making some of the best jokes you’ve ever written about those horrible times and you’re going to bloody love it. So ride it out. (Also, save yourself eight years of anguish and indecision: you’re definitely gay.)


How did you hear about Sneaking Duck?

My friend Jez put me onto Sneaking Duck. And Jez is pretty cool, so when he recommends something I tend to listen to him (*note to self, change the name “Jez” to something else because the last thing that wang needs is to get a big head about me thinking he’s cool.)


What do you like the most about Sneaking Duck?

To be honest, at first I was drawn to the idea that I could do the whole ordering thing over the internet without having to deal with anybody: I’m too easily upsold, so being in a shop, especially when trying to buy a thing I don’t know much about, freaks me oooout. But it turns out the entire team is made up of genuinely lovely people, so whatever, I’ll happily talk to any of them directly. Also, obviously, the frames are ridic. I’m fickle and indecisive and vain, so being able to own so many pairs of glasses (six at last count) for the same price that some of my friends have ONE pair of glasses is pretty great. [Editor: We think you look great in your Bubblegum Quasar’s 😉 ]


What are the 3 items that you can’t live without?

TV, hugs, snacks (salt and vinegar chips, or anything with Nutella).

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