14 Clinique skin and makeup Q&As

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In our excitement to be giving away Clinique goodies with all Sneaking Duck orders we had a kiss and makeup sesh with Clinique Education Manager, Kristy Gray.

Goodbye mascara smudges on our glasses lenses, hello perfect eyeliner application every time. We even managed to get on to some skincare tips for men (baby-face smoothness coming right up boys).

So, before you pick up that primer, have a read of these makeup tips for glasses-wearers…

1. Any advice for stopping mascara from marking glasses lenses?

Ensure you invest in a long wearing mascara, preferably water-resistant or waterproof to minimise transfer onto the lenses and increase longevity throughout the day. Allow your mascara to dry before placing your frames back on!

2. How do I avoid my glasses smudging my makeup, especially on the nose? And what’s your suggestion for touching up through the day?

Your makeup wearability throughout the day starts with a great primer. Primers enhance the quality of wear of your foundation and a perfect partner to this is a custom-fit powder. Powder sets your foundation and will minimise makeup movement on the nose. Touching up with a compact powder throughout the day creates a fresh, ‘just applied’ look.

3. How do you approach evening makeup, which is usually dark and heavy with wearing glasses frames?

Don’t be afraid to play up your eyes for a night out. Frames can sometimes obscure the face and by enhancing your eye makeup, can help to accentuate them. Focus on accentuating the lash line in partnership with your desired eye shadow. The thicker the frame the thicker the liner!

4. I love using liquid liner, it makes my eyes look so defined behind my frames, but I’m not great at applying it. How do I master it?

Applying liquid liner in short strokes starting at the root of the lash and the inner corner of the eye will help perfect your application. Use an eyeliner pencil first to create definition if you aren’t as confident with your application and, when you are happy with your desired shape, apply liquid liner over the top for instant drama. Practise makes perfect.

5. When I’m in my contacts, I’m really innovative with my makeup, but when I wear specs I’m boring. Help!

Glasses magnify the eye; you can accentuate them more on the day you wear frames. Choose a shadow with a shimmer to instantly brighten or an extreme mascara to add maximum volume. If you prefer to keep it more natural on the eye and want a pop of colour, then nothing beats a bold lip. Highlight your cheekbones by applying blush to the apples of the cheek to create dimension and complement natural features.

6. What would be your ‘no time for makeup’ morning tips.

Use a concealer and pick a colour complementary to your skin tone to minimise any imperfections and help camouflage. Using a compact powder can help to minimise application time and even out skin tone. Sweep colour on the apples of your cheeks for an instant glow. Clinique’s Chubby for Cheeks, Eyes & Lips helps to perfect the application and minimises the time needed to create a naturally pretty look.

7. My eyes seem really distant when I wear glasses. How do I avoid this?

Emphasise eyes by creating definition at the lash line. Smudging your liner can help to create this on top and bottom lashes. Use chocolates and bronze tones for a fresh and modern take on the smokey-eye look.

8. Where do you think most people go wrong with makeup?

Having the right tools will also help to create an expert application. Invest in the right makeup brushes to help to perfect this and minimise your application time.

9. How do you disguise a girl’s least favourite accessory: under-eye bags?

Concealer works wonders when camouflaging. Choose more warm or golden tones to eliminate under-eye bags. Invest in an eye cream to not only treat the area but to also ensure ease of use with your concealer; less crepe-y.

10. Name three makeup essentials you don’t leave home without.

Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream for instant coverage and radiance. A superfine liner for brows to lift and frame the face and High Impact Extreme Mascara for immediate and maximum volume on the lashes.

11. What are your top three tips for getting makeup right while wearing glasses?

Choose one area you wish to accentuate and make it pop. Remember to frame the shape of your face by filling in your brows, this will also help to finish your look. Sometimes it can be hard to accentuate your eyes but your complexion won’t be. Invest in a custom-fit foundation for a flawless finish.

12. How do you create the perfect base for eye makeup?

Applying an eye primer will help to enhance the quality of wear of your eye shadow. Clinique’s All About Shadow Primer for Eyes will enhance some eye shadows for an 8-hour to 12-hour wear.

13. Is there any technique/colour trending in makeup at the moment? Both eyes and lipstick!

Lips: This spring/summer we’re seeing shades of purple, nudes, aubergine, and reds dominate beauty trends. Pair with a lip liner to create a defined lip or soften edges with finger tips to create more of a blended, smokey lip.

Eyes: Hot off the S/S15 runway we saw soft shades of chocolate and bronze used to create a fresh and modern take on the smokey eye. Pair this look with power brows and thick coats of mascara to create extreme volume.

14. And one for the men – any top skin care tips for men?

The #1 skin concern for men is shaving but we’ve also found that men are less likely to wear sunscreen, thus furthering their tendency to show signs of aging. Invest in simple yet effective exfoliation with a face scrub and sun protection to help support a closer shave and prevent ageing from everyday UV exposure.

The first area men start to notice ageing is around the eye area and our outdoor lifestyle doesn’t help this. I’d recommend investing in an eye cream as well.

Thanks to Nico Paix, Kazuhiro Keino, Natasia Causse and Maria Morri for the Flickr images!