Life through a Sneaking Duck Lens

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You might know all about our awesome collection of frames – a spot of tortoiseshell here, some wood there – but what about the all important bit that you have to see through? You know, the lens bit.

To start with, we work with a locally-run laboratory here in Sydney who source lenses from world-class suppliers.

If you need help understanding the different lens options at Sneaking Duck, here’s a guide to make everything crystal clear. Let’s start with optical prescriptions…


My prescription is…


+/-2 sphere


…we recommend our standard lenses.

Standard lenses offer the best optical performance and price, even if they don’t sound as cool as ‘ultra thin’! We will always suggest what we think is the best option for your needs.

These offer the best value for money and come with top-quality coatings as standard.

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Between +/-2 and +/-4 sphere

…we use and recommend thin lenses.

These lenses have a material index of 1.56 or 1.59 and are made from polycarbonate.

Not only are they thinner and lighter than traditional plastic lenses, they are about ten times more impact-resistant – this is the stuff used to manufacture shatter-resistant airplane windows! It’s not surprising that they are often the choice of lenses for athletes or those requiring safety glasses. They have built-in 100% protection from UV light too so you have yourself some useful frames right there!

With our optical and non-polarised sunnies, we provide thin lenses FREE of charge.

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Stronger than +/-4 sphere

…we use and recommend ultra thin lenses.

Gone are the days of having to look like a goggly-eyed grandad – although we loved him for it. Ultra thin lenses are approximately 30% thinner than our standard lenses and therefore lighter and more comfortable to wear for stronger prescriptions.

If you have a prescription weaker than +/-4 but have been wowed by the thinner/lighter advantages of ultra thin lenses, bear in mind that these will not necessarily demonstrate the best optics for you. That’s why we still recommend standard lenses for weaker prescriptions.

There’s rather a lot of technologically advanced wizardry going on here, so we charge a bit extra for ultra thin lenses.

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Cylinders stronger than +/- 2

…we may need to specially process your lenses.

So, you’ve got a more rugby-shaped cornea eh? No worries, I’m sure you’re still a well-rounded kinda person.

We’ll work with our optical lab in Sydney to meet your stronger cylinder prescription. Just take note that we charge an extra $40 per pair to cover this cost for optical and photochromic lenses.

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I want sunnies…

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the Optometrists Association of Australia (OAA) has concerns that more than half of Australians are at risk of serious eye conditions – including cancer because they are not wearing UV-protective lenses.

We’ve just had our hottest year on record and are often cited as the ‘sunniest country on Earth’. So, let’s move quickly on to the shady business…

Tinting options

To start with, we offer prescription and plano (no prescription required) sunnies with full UV protection.

There are various colours (eg brown, black etc) and gradual tints that we choose from to best-match your frames. Our site will recommend what we think works best, but do contact us if you want advice on this before you order.


As with our normal optical frames, all our sunnies come with a special anti-scratch coating as standard, so you can hit the Aussie beaches with confidence. We’ll also give them a slick of anti-glare coating too.

For increased anti-glare, have you thought about polarisation?

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I want better anti-glare sunnies…

…we suggest polarised lenses

Beyond the anti-glare coating that we add to our sunnies for free, polarising lenses do an even better job and reduce glare by over 99% from horizontal surfaces (eg roads, water snow, sand etc). They also offer 100% UV protection.

We can add on polarisation at an additional cost of $50 per sunnies.

I want 2 in 1: sunnies AND prescription lenses

…have you tried photochromic lenses?

Also known as transition lenses, the lenses appear clear indoors but darken like sunglasses when you’re outdoors. In other words, they react to suit the lighting environment that you are in.

Ours give 100% UV protection and are available with standard, thin or ultra thin lenses.

Check out the prices for different lens options here. If you need help with your lens selection please drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise on everything from index to tint colour.

All that’s left to go is to start choosing your frames


Thanks to Justin Wagner for the Flickr image!