An A-Z for Australia Fashion Week 2014

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Inspired by Vogue’s A-Z trend report for autumn/winter 2014, we take a look at what the latest catwalk pieces mean for eyewear.

You’ll be runway-ready for Fashion Week Australia 6-10 April 2014!

A is for au revoir to prints

Apparently the new word is ’embellishment’ (hmmm, maybe that could go in ‘e’) so check
out our previous blog post
on getting crafty with an old pair of sunnies.

B is for Brit girls rule

Yes, yes, we’re an Aussie-based company but with the influx of Poms (myself included) you
gotta love ‘em for loving Oz so much that it inspires a 17,000km relocation. The Brit models
have certainly been taking over the catwalks worldwide this year. So let’s pay a little joint
homage to the stars and stripes. We’d suggest
the Allegra for some primary blue
and primary red.

C is for capes and cloaks

Well that’s a wrap up. Layers, statement scarves, sure, we can follow suit at Sneaking Duck
with some winter-warming and full-facial coverage. Girls, try
The Watt for big=beautiful. Boys,
try The Dexter.

D is debuts

There were lots of new Sneaking Duck additions last year but none sweeter than our
Eye Candy Collection.
Popping colour that promises to brighten up a dreary winter wardrobe. Not tried them yet?
Hmmm, well suck it and see!

E is for eyes

Ha, well we know all about them. Some might say they’re something of a speciality here at
SD. Vogue says last year it was all about lip service but 2014 it’s false lashes by Rochas
and Gucci, glittery lids by Altuzarra and Chanel and block colours by Mr Macdonald.

Don’t feel like you have to hide behind glasses. Here are some tips for frame-wearers and
drawing attention to those peepers.

  1. Thicker frames = thicker eye liner
  2. Frames draw attention to your brow so get grooming
  3. Glasses can add shadows around the eyes so an extra bit of concealer will help with that.
  4. Choose glasses that enhance your eye colour:
  • Blue: brown, gold, peachy/orange
  • Green: khaki, taupe, gold and brown
  • Brown: browns, purple and dark blue
  • Hazel: biege, nude, browns, purple, gold and green
  • Gray: silver, brown, blue or purple.

You can search Sneaking Duck glasses by colour. Just
go to the gallery and filter by tag.

F is for folk and fairy tale

Alas, we’ve no frames with foxes and Little Miss Riding Hoods on them, but some rounded
story-telling frames yo-can-do!
The Scrumper’s Delight are the kind
of frames that offset a face warming itself by a fire with a nose buried deep into a book to
the momentum of a rocking chair.

No biggie if you sit a bit too close to the fire because they’re faux wood!

G is for glitter boots

If someone other than Elton John picks up a pair of Matthew Williamson, Saint Laurent or
Alexander McQueen sparkly boots this season, then glittery glasses may be on the SD cards!

Please be advised, we wouldn’t suggest double-dropping glitter (boots AND eyes) anyway.
For your inner starlet, we’d suggest The Kylie.

H is for hairy

Sneaking Duck yeti glasses? Not sure the world is ready for them. But for the next best
animal-friendly thing to fur, might I suggest you try
The Purtree. Cats love to climb
trees so the arms are made of real mahogany too.

I is for innovation

Many of you may have shrugged off the 3D-printing movement; believing it to be a
technology that won’t really apply to our generation. WRONG. It’s here, alive-and-printing
at Sneaking Duck. We work with Vert Design to turn powder into
your 3D-printed customised frames.
Now that’s innovation! Give it a whirl along with Alexander Wang’s colour-changing clothes.

J is for jewels

If you’re going in for Celine’s crown-sized jewel thing this year, don’t let the bling
compete with your glasses. If it looks too much, it probably is. Also, if your jewellery
has silver, gold or bronze detailing, glasses with similar-coloured metal detail should
work well. For example our Mother of Turtle
have a gold-coloured nose bridge and would work well with simple gold chains etc.

K is for Kane

We like Christopher Kane for his very wearable collection – I don’t know about you, but I
simply don’t move in a social circle that would wear a wedding cake tier-esque dress in gold
velour with tartan trimmings. I just don’t.

Scottish Kane’s mannish tailoring, pointy Chelsea boots and chunky knits pair perfectly
with any chocolate brown or burgundy frames, particularly
The Tempered with the polished
bamboo arms to lift that sultry winter wardrobe. The brushed faux-wood
Thistle Sifters do a similar job
with a bit more colour.

L is for lace-up shoes

We’ve all learnt to tie our shoelaces but welcome to the Mount Everest of shoelace-typing.
This season, you’re going to be spending a LOT of time with Antonio Berardi’s super sandals,
McQueen’s frilly booties and even Chanel trainers. To help with the task at hand, pop on a
pair of the Due Diligence.

M is for model mix

This year, Sneaking Duck co-founder and CEO put on his modelling shoes. Rate his Zoolander
Blue Steel pout in the Christo.

N is for 9-5 dressing

We’re definitely seeing a shift (ha) in office attire. We now require this wardrobe to
meet somewhere in the middle with midweek socialising. People just don’t have the time,
nor the budget, to attend to two wardrobes. We want glasses that work hard at doing both.

No problem. I’d suggest pairing neutral clothing with glasses that offer a flash of colour,
such as The Bear. Or, the other way
round. It’s hard to beat some
classic tortoiseshell frames.

O is for ones-to-watch

NewGen labels include Marques’ Almeida (the late-sixties/early-seventies bohemian milieu of
the Chelsea Hotel so match with the chocolate-brown layered
Pieno), 1205 (lots of grey and purply
pieces and definitely another perfect match for our
Thistle Sifters) and Danielle Romeril.

P is for patchwork

Do as the likes of Missoni, Bottega Veneta and Valentino do and get patchy! We’ve popped on some
spots to The Snow Leopard
or try a dappled blend of tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl flecks in
The Darwin.

R is for Rihanna

She’s been seen at every catwalk show over London fashion week and she never shy-’eyes’
away from an awesome wardrobe of sunnies and glasses including cat-eye, round and blinging

You can turn heads too with plenty of round ‘oh’ factor in
The Cola Bottles.

S is for supermarket sweep

Lagerfeld’s purpose-built Chanel supermarket within Paris’s Grand Palais housed the likes
of Chanel Coco Pops and Confiture de Gabrielle to give the everyday a lick of designer paint.
Turning ‘shopping in your trackie bottoms’ style on it’s head, you’ll be needing some big
sunnies to go with those disco leggings and edible sweetie necklaces.

Try The Rock for sandwiched-pink
and white popping colour.

T is for times three

For those of you that can finally afford a Balenciaga bag, you’re already behind the times.
It’s now about having three at a time baby! Similarly, Mulberry now provides three different
styles of the ‘Cara’ bag.

The good news is that if you want to build yourself an eyewear wardrobe, you’ll get a
discount when you buy additional pairs (in the same order) at Sneaking Duck. Just saying 🙂

U is for Universal

While Diane von Furtsenberg, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Rodarte have gone
intergalactic, we’re recognising spacial-awareness too.

Check out the bamboo-armed The Red Comet.

V is for velvet

If you’re looking to get touchy feely like House of Holland and Vivienne Westwood,
look and touch our tactile frames that have
a brushed faux-wood effect.

W is for weather

From parkas and raincoats, Miu Miu, Hunter Original, Balenciaga, Jason Wu and DKNY are
embracing the great outdoors. Get your wardrobe back to nature and embrace some
real wood.

X is for the x-tra factor

Who knows what Sydney Fashion Week has in store but if it’s anything like the
selfie-taking models, Prada’s sunken Orchestra and Paloma Faith singing live at Burberry,
they’ll be plenty of added extras to enjoy.

On our part we’re all about the awesome extras! Did you know…we now offer all sorts
of lens options, including awesome
photochromic lenses.
Coming atcha!

Y is for Yoda and co

Rodarte’s Star Wars-themed collection was, well, a surprise. If you’re all about
70s films, don a pair of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-inspired
Wonkavators or how about the

Z (you made it!) is for zesty

Before you retire into wintry palettes, don’t forget that Prada is packing a colourful
punch and Christian Dior are shocking with electric combos.

Don’t shy away from colourful frames. Start with
the Photographer for a flash of
hot pink.


See you on the catwalk!

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