Tortoiseshell glasses: The NEW ‘make a turtle happy’ collection

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‘Tortoiseshell’ is a twelve letter word that states the obvious: a convenient mobile home for a four-legged speed-demon reptile. But in the fashion world, it is commonly associated with eyewear and accessories or to describe the brown splotched pattern sometimes found on cats. We’ve featured tortie before but read on for some shiny new frame offerings. That’s right it’s NEW collection time here at Sneaking Duck!

Tortoiseshell, sadly, used to describe items that had been made out of the shell of the hawksbill turtle. But no need to call PETA because this is no longer the case! Since the invention of acetate-patterned tortoiseshell (a happy-turtle substitute), you can proudly and ethically wear ‘tortie’. Modern tortoiseshell glasses frames offer a variety of base-tones: usually brown or black, but can extend to green, orange, red or even clear acetate!

A slow and steady (wins the race) tortie comeback!

Tortie’s revival has seen the resurgence of 50s-inspired ‘key-hole’ bridge like The Tortuga which were almost impossible to find 5 years ago, except in grandpa’s kitchen junk drawer which hadn’t been cleaned out (or renovated) since the 60s – and that’s not where we got our version by the way.

We’re thrilled to have a delightful mod-tortie in our range, The Darwin. The sharp edged flicks of brown settled in block black temples, paired with temple-accents and a deep frame give ample glass and plenty of class. These are an opportune way to pay your respects to Charles Darwin’s tortoise Harriet from (as the story goes) the Galápagos, who passed away at the age of 176 in Queensland.

Round tortoise shell frames are a fantastic vintage feature for your noggin. In fact, we’ve not only got The Chuck, but our new frames, The Noggin. The smooth clean lines transport you back to your college professor’s desk where you sat pleading for (yet another) extension on your PhD draft, because umm… my-cat-died-then-my-mother-had-a-breakdown-and-Game-of-Thrones-is-my-only-coping-mechanism. Your professor stared at you skeptically over his round tortie frames, oozing academic excellence. And you definitely will too! Especially while sipping piccolo lattes, perched on an upturned milk-carton just to the side of a hole-in-the-wall coffee enclave.

Our roundest frames yet are complemented by a flat-as bridge and teeny-tiny rectangular silver accents which look delightful in the bright orange-based tortoiseshell.

The varied tortoiseshell base colours mean you can get a dark-but-not-quite-black look like our Deweys or Chamillas. The Chamilla was named after Camilla (kind) of our monarchy. The frame is conservative, yet funky, because it’s just one step away from black but, with a whiff of sunlight and perspective, becomes slightly more interesting – just like the Royals (oh, we don’t mean that!).

Last but not least of our new tortie-offerings are The Edna. Named after a famous bedazzled entertainer, these slightly cat-eye frames are suitable to manly-men as well as our lady-friends. The name hints at the fact that tortoiseshell cats are usually female. The neutral temple accents hint at hipster… just show a bit of decorum with that eyeliner, lads.

Once you’ve got your paws on a pair of tortoiseshell frames, you’ll soon find the hardest part about this look is how to spell it. Wearing is easy as tortoiseshell can fill the gap where your black frames are too heavy, but your coloured frames don’t quite fit. Order some FREE frames to try at home, with your fave outfit. We guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Thanks to Benson Kua for the Flickr image!