Contacts v Laser v Glasses

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At Sneaking Duck, we’re concerned about your choices. And not just which fab five frames you’re going to whittle the list down to when you take advantage of our FREE try-at-home service; we also care about the choices you make regarding your eye care.

Maybe you’ve decided that negotiating four eyes 24/7 is a little inconvenient and that contact lenses or laser surgery might be viable options for you. So, here’s our (slightly biased – we heart specs!) guide to the pros and cons of glasses, contact lenses and corrective laser surgery…


Glasses rock. No doubt about it. Gone are the days of wearing glasses in high school to indicate your social standing. Glasses not only enhance vision in a cost-effective way, they are a stylish way to add something to an outfit. By having a selection of different styles to choose from you can have a bit of fun reflecting your personality.

However, some people find glasses a bit cumbersome to carry about with them all of the time – that’s less clutch bag-friendly ladies. You might find yourself stereotyped or perceived as smarter than you actually are (wait – this is a pro!). If you break your only pair of glasses, you’re at risk of being blind and without a back-up. Life lesson: get a spare pair. It’s useful to know that you can save when you buy 2 pairs or more from Sneaking Duck in the same order. Just saying.


Contact lenses are an easy way to correct vision without detection or having to endure the initial pain of laser surgery. Contact lens-wearers need to increase the number of check-ups with an optometrist to ensure that their eyes are keeping healthy. But there is a bonus – you still have the choice to wear glasses when you want a fashion fix or just need a financial break from the ongoing cost of contacts. And of course, having pair of glasses to hand when you need to stumble to the fridge/loo in the middles of the night. Wearing normal sunglasses over the top of contacts is also a great way to have prescription sun protection – Yup, Sneaking Duck do sunnies too (we’re not stuck in the dark ages *wink).

The major con of contact lenses is not wearing glasses! Contact lenses aren’t magic super-discs for your eyes. You still need to change them, care for them, keep your eyes lubricated, and have a back-up pair of glasses to give your eyes some breathing space. Contact-wearers who keep their contacts in for extended periods without a break, can get infections and vascular problems, as the capillaries in the eyes can become starved of oxygen – yep, it’s as icky as it sounds. Also, be careful of running out of your lens supply unexpectedly, as well as all the goos and liquids you have to keep in your bathroom.

Sneaking Duck doesn’t provide contact lenses. But watch this space because it is certainly something that we would like to offer our customers in future.


As a glasses wearer, you may be eligible for a laser eye surgery procedure to correct your vision permanently. Hallelujah! There are two types of laser refractive surgery, something known as Lasik (TM) and another procedure called PRK. Lasik (TM) has shorter recovery time but is only available for a small range of eligible patients. PKU has a longer recovery period – you’ll be holed up on the couch in the dark for the best part of a week listening to comedy DVDs, trying to not let being blind and itchy get you too down in the dumps. But PRK can yield better results for your vision. Further surgeries may be required to adjust the result of both procedures once your eyes settle, but the result is totally worth it.

Although laser surgery has been a major innovation in vision health-care, there are some cons. the cost can be up in the thousands of dollars’ region – wowee: imagine how many pairs of SD glasses you could get for that?! So is laser safe? There are risks with laser eye surgery, the normal risks one normally associates with surgery, and you’ll probably have to sign a liability release form. Both procedures are done while you are awake so, if you’re a nervous type, you may need to be slightly sedated in order to get through it (…oh wow, doesn’t the ceiling look pretty! Don’t you think ducks are awesome! Where am I?)

Your eye care is your own personal choice but we hope our little guide has helped you consider your options. Of course, we’d love everyone to wear glasses – wouldn’t it be a boring world without ‘em? After all, who’d then pay homage to Marilyn Monroe cat-eye shapes or Buddy Holly’s chunky black rims?

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