How to determine your face shape – and what frames suit you!

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We’re all beautiful in our uniqueness – and you’re no different ♥ – which is why finding the perfect glasses can be such a difficult task.

To help you out we’ve created this simple guide to picking the right frames to accentuate your face shape.

From there you can then pick the colour, shape and size of frame that best suits the unique look you’re going for. Awesome!

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of how we can help you find the perfect glasses. Below are 4 (yes 4!) more ways we can help you navigate the Sneaking Duck collection to discover your ideal eyewear:

  1. Can’t work out your face shape? Use our Sneaky Stylist tool. With a little help from you it will automatically identify your face shape and suggest some frames for you.

  2. Need some extra styling help? The easiest way is to use our Matchmaking Tool. This will help not only help fund frames that suit your face shape but also frames that fit your own personal style.

  3. Want some personalised help? Email our Style Team to get them to suggest some frames that will work for you.

  4. Want to try some more glasses on in person? Once you’ve narrowed down your glasses, you can use our Free Try At Home service again to try up to 5 more frames in the comfort of your home.


– Your good-looking self

– A mirror

– A couple of minutes to read through the descriptions below to know which category you fall into


Square Face

Ever been complimented on your “strong jawline”? Then you probably have a square-shaped face. Square faces have a broad forehead, wider jaw and a strong horizontal jawline.

The secret for squares is to find frames that complement your wonderful, strong features. Select softer oval or round shapes to work with the angles in your face and avoid frames with corners that are too angular.

You may even want to try something that emphasises the brow line (either with colour or material width) to balance out the jawline.

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Round Face


Your round face is all about curves. You have full cheeks, a round chin and your face is proportional in width and length.

For your circular features you should look to more angular or geometric styles. These will work in perfect balance with the curves of your facial structure and bring the attention up slightly from your cheeks to your wonderful eyes!

As a general rule, look for glasses that are wider than they are tall. You may even want to experiment with cat-eye frames which will sweep up over your cheeks to focus on the windows to your soul

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Oval Face

Oval faces are well balanced, with a gentle curved jawline that is narrower than your forehead. Oval faces are flattered by almost all frame shapes (Go, you!), so feel free to be adventurous with frame shapes.

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Heart-Shaped Face


Heart-shaped faces are naturally romantic and feature a broader forehead that tapers down to a smaller chin.

Hearts have high cheekbones which further draw attention to your eyes and forehead.

The secret for Hearts is to find frame shapes that balance the different widths of your face. That means steering clear of cat-eyes and other top heavy glasses – or those with a wider top. Instead look for wider frames or frames where the lenses sit further down your face.

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