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Aussie icon Hugh Jackman is back at it again with a new movie coming out (Wolverine – Logan).

As awesome as our Hugh is, sometimes his glasses choices need a little work – so we thought we could add to his style with a nice pair of Sneaking Ducks!

Help us do that and you could win a pair of Sneaking Ducks for yourself too!


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Meet Clens

Meet Clens – the new lens replacement service for frames from ANY brand.

That’s right – whether you rock Sneaking Duck, Prada, Oakley or even a pair of cheapos from the local servo you can now get new lenses put into them through Clens, at amazing prices, and all prescription lenses are health-fund claimable.

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2016 Christmas Order Cut-off Dates

Want to sneak in a new purchase of glasses for yourself or get a pair made up for friends or family in time for Chrissie?

Great News! We’re Express Shipping for free as we get closer to Christmas to make sure no-one misses out on Christmas joy because of slow delivery times.

That having been said – you still have your role to play….

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Your Summer Glasses Buying Guide


Summer is here which means it’s time to pack away those winter warmer frames and try on something cooler for a change. Here are our Top 5 tips for finding a pair of statement frames that will not only look and feel good, but keep you sun-safe at the same time.

1. Lighten up – Part 1: Lightweight frames

With the mercury hitting 30+ degrees every day, the last thing you need is a pair of heavy, chunky specs sweatin’ up your face. Lighten your load by trying a pair of skinny, semi rimless or rimless frames for size. Continue reading “Your Summer Glasses Buying Guide”

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Meet Todd – #SneakyDuckers – Issue 12

We love the people who wear our glasses. Most of all we love their stories. Here is one of them.

Meet Todd, an award-winning photographer from Brisbane who captures ‘I do’ moments for a living. A relative newbie to the glasses scene, he’s a fan of the wooden Birthday Suit.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for a living?

My name is Todd.. I live in Brisbane with my awesome wife Alyda & daughter Maggie – she’s almost 2..  I live an active life.. I’m a thinker – a student – always learning & my mind is always open..  I photograph people & things for a living – mostly weddings, but also some fashion, architecture, and corporate stuff.. It’s been my (and Alyda’s), full-time gig for the last 9 years.. Continue reading “Meet Todd – #SneakyDuckers – Issue 12”

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Meet Sarah – #SneakyDuckers – Issue 11

We love the people who wear our glasses. Most of all we love their stories. Here is one of them.

Meet Sarah, CEO of Girl Geek Academy who has big dreams to increase the number of women in tech. She’s also an avid swing dancer and wishes she could have a dollar for every time someone wants to try on her Sneaking Ducks.

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A Look Back at our Duckling Years

Sneaking Duck is turning 5 this week which means it’s time to whip out the old photos, crack open the champagne and ‘look’ back on our formative years.


Sneaking Dark started out with a ‘vision’ to let people own a range of frames to suit every outfit and mood, without breaking the bank in the process. Continue reading “A Look Back at our Duckling Years”

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Style A Friend and WIN!

Got an eye for style? Have friends or family that need a little style help?

Style a Friend and go in the running to win a pair of Sneaking Duck glasses including frames from our limited edition and archived range!

We’re on the look-out for Australia’s Sneakiest Stylist to trial our new ‘Style a Friend’ feature. If you know your Aviators from your Wayfarers and can spot a heart-shaped face from a mile away, we want you!

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Introducing Sneaking Duck Blue Light Lenses

You may have heard the quackin’ awesome news that you can now order Blue Light lenses with all Sneaking Duck frames. But what is blue light and why do I need protection from it?

Blue Light and Your Eyesight

First of all – don’t freak out! Blue light is a totally natural thing and we get most of our exposure to it from our Sun. It comes with a heap of health benefits like boosting our alertness and improving memory and cognitive function (so like coffee, right?).

But like most things in life, too much blue light exposure can be bad for you. Even though your iPhone and TV emit tiny amounts of blue light compared to the Sun, using these electronic devices too often and too close to your face can damage the light sensitive cells in your retina. Excessive screen time (about 2+ hours) has also be linked to dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, back pain and, in the long term, permanent vision loss (yikes!). Plus, those all-nighter Netflix marathons you’ve been having? Yeah, they can seriously mess with your circadian rhythms and lead to a whole lotta sleepless nights.

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