NEW! Sneaky Stylist - learn which frames suit you best

Build a wardrobe of cool prescription glasses

We love cool prescription glasses and sunglasses and we love having eyewear for every mood. We're tired of having one mega-expensive pair of frames we wear until they break. In just a few clicks, build a wardrobe of frames to match every outfit.

Save $90 per pair when you buy 2 or more pairs

No more defaulting to the conservative pair that will 'go with everything'. We discount all additional pairs by $90 - so add a pair of prescription glasses or plano sunnies for half price. Build a wardrobe of frames and start accessorising. A touch of tortoiseshell here, some wooden arms there...

Online prescription glasses: Australia and the rest of the planet

We'll happily ship our stylish prescription glasses to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and anywhere else in Australia for that matter. If you're outside of Australia, we'll also ship to you for free, it just takes a few days more!

NEW lens options now available!

We can fit your frames with optical, sunglass or photochromic lenses. As you'll probably be taking these to the beach, all our glasses and sunnies come with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating included. Optical and photochromic come with multicoat and sunnies with hardcoat. We can also polarise sunglasses. We have a range of indices allowing you to get thinner lenses if your prescription is stronger. We have standard, thin and ultra-thin options for most lens types. High cylinder prescriptions are no problem. You can see the charges for different lens options here. If you need help with your lens selection please contact us and we'll be happy to advise on everything from index to tint colour.

FREE try-at-home service

Of course you want to spend some quality time with our frames and a mirror before you buy prescription glasses online! Choose 5 pairs of frames and we'll send them out to you for a free try-at-home session. There's no obligation to buy whatsoever.

We'll get hold of your prescription

Just send us your optom's details and we'll do the boring bit of calling them up and getting all the information needed to send out your prescription glasses or prescription sunnies.

Handpicked and not on the highstreet

We love putting together unique collections of cool frames and we're sure you'll love having these beauties on the end of your nose. It's always nice to have something a little bit different to everyone else. Cue "where did you get your cool frames from?" questions.

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